• £1,995.00

For less than the cost of a popular brand 3D printer, this experimental package is for makers and schools who want to establish a name or brand by being one of the first home 3D printed and robotically assembled product designers.

Get the kit and we will help you to design and launch one or more products with us in 2017. If all goes well, you should be able to recoup the cost of this package many times over!

By combining standard modules and 3D printed parts, Buzz Technology has developed patent pending robotic product assembling and circuit printing technology to fast track the home production of much more sophisticated, fully working products. We are looking to launch two mass market, home 3D printers based on these innovations next invite you to join us on those crowd funding campaigns.

The package comprising of the items listed below:


(1) The best value for money large format PRUSA I3 3D PRINTER KIT

Build volume: 280 x 210 x 200mm

Printing resolution: 100 microns
Print Speed: Up to mm/s
Printer control software - free open source or paid for Windows, Mac or Linux
CAD packages - free open source (OpenSCAD) or more powerful licenced options
Printable: PLA (biodegradable, plant based plastic) , ABS with the included heated bed
Filament: 1.75mm diameter
Cost: typically £15 per kg

(2) Experimental Technologies - these effectively future proof your purchase and put you at the cutting edge. This also means that they will be temperamental and subject to a process of continuous improvement, but they shouldn't impact the ability of the basic 3D printer to function normally.

  • Robotic Assembly - to enable the programmatic placement of modules into 3D printed parts.
  • Electrical circuit printing - can be achieved using conductive PLA filament deposited using the second nozzle. We are also working on a high conductivity metal deposition solution which will be retrofittable to your machine. 

(3) Placable parts kit - power pack, electronics, motors and others.

(4) A kit assembly and training day in London or at your school* 

(5) Online training webinars x 18

(6) Access to our collaborative product development platform and community

(7) Launch opportunities (for developed and tested products)

*School based kit assembly and training days will need to be help at weekends and should include ideally include parents as well as children. Basic travel costs will need to be reimbursed for Locations outside Greater London.

** Consumable prices are around £18 for 1kg of PLA (plant based, biodegradable) plastic and £48 for 500g of electrically conductive PLA. We Prints have a honeycomb centre and typically weigh just a few grams, so you should be able to get plenty from a reel of filament.